The Newborn Collection Actions for PS

The Newborn Collection Actions for PS


These new actions are for newborns-babies/children, and work on both studio and natural light! There are a total of 57 actions.

From Base edits, to skin retouching, to color adjustments, to artistic edits, to a few BONUS outdoor actions. I use these on every image that I create, and I cannot wait to share them with you! They will help speed up your workflow, and create beautiful images for your clients! 

  *Compatible with Photoshop CC & Photoshop CS6.* 

    * Please be aware that due to the nature of this purchase being a download, no refunds will be given* 

Base Edits: 

*Studio Light

*Pure Clean Edit

*Hazy Clean Edit 

*Deep Details Sharpen Edit

*Deep Details Soften


Skin Edits: 

* Reds B Gone

* Yellow Jaundice Reducer 

* Remove Purple Toes/Fingers

* Orange Skin Reducer

* Play all Skin Adjustments



Skin Finals: 

* Baby New Skin

* Baby Smooth Skin

* Pink Cheeks

* Erase Baby Flakes and Bumps

* Skin Midtone BUMP

* Milia (White Bumps) Soften 

* Milia (White Bumps) Soften STRONG

* Peachy Skin (Remove Grey)

* Baby Eye line pop

* Sharpen Eyes


Paint On Adjustments: 

* Paint on Light

* Paint on Dark

* Paint on Sharp

* Paint on Blur

* Paint on Detail



Artistic Enhancements: 

* Toasty Warm (All Colors) 

* Whipped Cream (Creams)

* Whipped Butter


* Milky Pure White  (Whites) 

* Morning Snuggles (Blues) 

* Smashed Bananas (Yellows and Creams)

* Peaceful Dreams (Pinks and Purples)

* Koko Bean (Browns)

* Cloudy Day(Grey) (paint off baby)

* Macro Detail Boost

* Drama  (Moody)



Color Vignettes:

* Cream Vignette

* Milky White Vignette

* Precious Pink Vignette

* Dusty Rose Vignette

* Dark Brown Vignette

* Sweet Mint Vignette

* Medium Brown Vignette

* Dark Brown Vignette

* Wood Floor Vignette

* The Perfect Grey Vignette


Final Actions: 

* Add Warmth & Depth

* Spotlight

*Perfect Light

*Highs & Lows

*Darken Blacks


BONUS!!!! Outdoor Actions! 

* Moody Outdoor

* Winters in Oregon

* Remove Blue Cast from White Garments

* Remove Lime Green Grass

* Paint on Fall Leaves

* Paint on Sun Haze 

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