Welcome Baby - Skin Edits

Welcome Baby - Skin Edits


This mini bundle includes 15 skin edits from Welcome Baby Complete Set Actions. These are all you need to take your images to the next level. Gorgeous skin is the first start to any great picture, and these actions are QUICK, and easy, and very effective.

⇦ *B&A are just using Skin Edits

(These actions are also included in the Complete Newborn Set)

*Due to the nature of this purchase being a download, no refunds will be given.


  • Reds B Gone

  • Yellow Jaundice Remover

  • Remove Purple Toes/Fingers

  • Orange Skin Reducer

  • Play All Skin


  • Baby New Skin

  • Baby Smooth Skin

  • Erase Baby Flakes & Bumps

  • Skin Midtone Bump

  • Milia (White Bumps) Soften

  • Milia (White Bumps) Soften Strong

  • Peachy Skin (remove grey)

  • Pink Cheeks

  • Baby Eye Line Pop

  • Sharpen Eyes

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